• The call has been made to the sheriff to have the gates adjusted to keep the dam running in a proactive manner for winnebago county. There is more rain in the forecast for the weekend.

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    • Become a River Ice Spotter

      December 15, 2019

      The National Weather Service (NWS), IL, office is looking for individuals that live or work along area rivers to become part of our Volunteer River Ice Spotter Network. River ice spotters share important information such as extent of ice cover, ice cover trends, and location of ice jams which is very important for issuing timely warnings.

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    • Current Water Temperature is 33°F

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    • Events



      March 20, 2019 Meeting

      Next Meeting will be announced soon.  Rumors state there will be a "Town Meeting" at Harlem High School on March 20th, 2019 at 6pm. 

      Main Speakers: NOAA, Sheriff's Department, Rock River Home Owners Association, & ComEd


    • Our Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and various river front locations. Stay tuned for more information

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    • Events will be posted soon for 2019!  Please Stay tuned for more information as our new website is developed!

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    • We have various documents, news letters and meeting minutes.  

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