• Our Mission

  • The Mission of the Rock River Homeowner Association shall be to preserve and protect the Rock River environment, enjoyment of the river and to promote public awareness of river safety.

  • Our Accomplishments

    • In 2015, we added an electronic gauge for the Rockford Dam
    • Lights on the Auburn Street Bridge
    • Contributions to the Rockford Ski Broncs Ski Team
    • Contributions to Nicholas Conservatory
    • Contributions to Midway Wetland Project
    • Elevation Survey for the Fordam Dam
    • Lighted Boat Parade
    • Tree removal from river
    • Latham Street Bridge Lighting
    • Brought all parties together to help meditate the new shorter Martin Park No Wake zone
    • RRHA is spearheading the drive to get bridge pillars lighted. The first bridge completed was the Bauer Parkway Bridge. Look for the Red Pillar lights and the Green center of channel light at night.
    • Setup the RRHA Website to help keep the public informed about what happening along the beautiful Rock River.
    • Purchased "Danger Buoys" donated to the Sheriff Department
    • Helped establish the "No Wake Ordinance" to protect shorelines during high water.
    • Established a quarterly newsletter to keep member informed of river related issues.Published a map of our section of the river for public distributions through boat dealers and bait shops.
    • Placed bulletin boards at all public launch ramps.
    • Installed directional signs and speed limit signs on bridges. In order to protect boaters and fisherman lobbied to not allow fishing from bridges.
    • Supplied Sheriff's Patrol boats with "loaner" life jackets for children.
    • Established and maintain the "River Conditions Hot Line" to provide current river conditions and/or restrictions. (815)316-8888
  • Board of Directors

  • President

    • Steve Lucas

    Vice President

    • Chris Whiteford


    • Mike Dagefoerde


    • Ron Neuschwander
  • Committee Chairs


    • Chip Gammel


    • Mary Johnson

    Dam Operation

    • Steve Lucas

    Website & Social Media

    • Chip Gammel
  • Board Members

    Zone 1: West side from State St to Harlem Bridge

    Loyd & Diane Koch

    Kim Bailey

    Zone 2: West side from Harlem to Roscoe Bridge

    Ron & Sharon Neuschwander

    Mike & Pij Richter

    Chuck & Jan Barber

    Gabe Drindle

    Mike & Nancy Dagefoerde

    Zone 3: East side from State to Harlem Bridge

    Steve Lucas

    Chad Elston

    Zone 4: East side from Harlem to Roscoe Bridge

    Chris Whiteford

    Zone 5: North of Roscoe Bridge

    Bruce Swartz


  • Territory map