• Davis Park Gauge is Down

    February 22, 2019
  • This is the gauge that the RRHA had installed and initially funded. It seems that we could not get the gauge funded for an extended time. This is a very important gauge to the to regulate the dam. It is the only gauge that tells us if ComEd is running the dam to spec. without this gauge that was paid for by donations to RRHA their response was always that the water levels were always perfect levels according to them and no adjustment was needed.

    At this time, no one can tell if ComEd is running the dam correctly.

    If ComEd cares of the local community and wants to prove they are running the dam properly, they should pay for the Davis Park gauge. This way the local community can continue to monitor water level @ the dam and knows ComEd is going all they can to reduce flooding in the Winnebago county. The cost is $5500 per year for the maintenance of the gauge.

    ComEd has paid for 2 USGS gauges for number years on the river. When Gary Carawana was elected they stopped paying for them.  Rockford picked up the Auburn gauge and Loves Park/Machesney Park picked up the Latham gauge.