• Weekend Update

    March 12, 2021
  • Weekend Update: Mother nature is giving us a break so far this year. The 2′ of snow has melted off the farm fields with the warm weather we are having as of late. Now we need sun and wind to dry out the farm fields. This is the sponge we rely on for our 6000 square mile area called our drainage basin. The rock river flow is starting to lessen but we still have a rising pec. river. I went the back roads to Durand and freeport today. There is a lot of water around the low lying areas of freeport. That all still has to drain this way unfortunately. This will cause our flow rate and river levels to remain on the elevated side for a while longer. The dam was adjusted today and will help water levels south of sportscore to remain manageable. The question I always get is why don’t the water levels drop as fast up by Ventura Blvd. The reason is simple, the faucet is turned up to high from the inflow of the pec. river still. Water levels are between 6″/9″ lower than if the dam was not adjusted but the rest is up to mother nature draining all the snow melt we are seeing in our area rivers. The days start getting longer with sunset this weekend. It is a welcome sight to see fishing boats out on the river already. Hopefully sportscore pond will thaw in the next few days and boaters will be able to use a boat ramp that has docks. Stay safe and enjoy the early spring temps. we have been blessed with everyone.